Since 1986, Pro-Seal Lift Systems has been the innovator in Artificial Lift technology for gas well optimization offering a full line of Plunger Lift products as well as the automatic Soap Stick Launcher.

Holder of a dozen patents in the United States and Canada, including the original Ball and Sleeve Plunger introduced in 1998, Pro-Seal Lift Systems products are uniquely engineered to meet the stringent demands of the oil and gas industry’s production, environmental and safety challenges.

With the introduction of the automatic Soap Stick Launcher product line in 2000, Pro-Seal Lift Systems provided the Field Engineer the ability to de-water unattended gas wells at the optimum point in the flow regime resulting in a dramatic increase in well production while reducing overall OPEX.

With headquarters located just north of Houston in Huntsville, Texas, the Pro-Seal Lift Systems dedicated, in-house manufacturing facility insures complete Quality Control for each of its world-class Artificial Lift Technology products.

We look forward to the opportunity to become part of your increased production success. 

Pro-Seal Lift Systems holds U.S. patent # 6,148,923 for the Two Piece Ball Plunger and the Disc Plunger. Pro-Seal Lift Systems also holds U.S. patent # 6,637,512 and Canadian Patent #2,360,098 for the automatic SoapLauncher.