The Pro-Seal Lift Systems Soap Stick Launcher can and will pay for itself in short order when used in the correct application. In fact, the average reported ROI is only 60 days! When the Field Engineer is reviewing potential candidate wells, several factors should be taken into consideration for optimum performance:


Excess water in the well bore can overcome bottom hole pressure reducing the lifting potential of the well. As the well ages and the BHP decreases, some method of artificial lift is required. The more quickly a de-watering program is initiated the better the ultimate recovery will be. A well that has begun to ‘slug’ is overdue for surfactant treatment. 

Surfactants dissolved within the produced water reduce the surface tension of the water molecule – promoting the formation of mist within the tubing. This mist is more easily carried to the surface by the up-flowing gas stream. Introducing soap sticks is the quickest, easiest, and most economical solution for de-watering.


The well in your company’s inventory that receives limited attention due to it’s distance from other wells is a prime candidate for an automatic Soap Stick Launcher.


Unlike Plunger Lift and stop-cocking, the use of an automatic Soap Stick Launcher will even out the flow of gas across the meter run. A more consistent flow is a major benefit in those fields with marginal compressor capacity.


The best candidate is the well that will respond aggressively to a soap routine. The Soap Stick Launcher will return an investment quickly and help pay for other improvements in the field.

Example: An Operator in South Texas installed a Soap Stick Launcher on a 600 MCFD well, and set it to drop 8 sticks/day. The well is now producing 1000 MCFD and paid for the installation in less than 5 days. (The average ROI is 60 days, depending on the price of natural gas).


A candidate well should be soaped by hand for a few days to judge the response. If the production at the chart falls off after 3 or 4 hours, then the Soap Stick Launchercan be programmed for one stick, six times a day. After a week of using the Soap Stick Launcher, the frequency of soap used can be scaled back to conserve soap stick costs. When a fall in production is noted, the operator can re-adjust to the optimum soap stick routine.


Some wells, on a cap-string system, must be swabbed back in occasionally. These can be converted at that time to the Soap Stick Launcher.


The Soap Stick Launcher can be easily relocated to a new well as conditions require. Light weight and compact, the Soap Stick Launcher doesn’t require expensive equipment for an installation as it is easily relocated by one man.