The Pro-Seal automatic Soap Stick Launcher increases gas well production through automatic application of soap sticks (surfactants) into a well. With older, outdated methods, soap sticks are commonly dropped by twin-valve manual launchers requiring operators to make multiple visits to a well which increases OPEX.

By utilizing the programmable automatic Soap Stick Launcher, surfactants can be dropped automatically over an extended period of time. Introducing soap sticks at the optimum point in the flow regime can dramatically improve the performance of a well’s production plus reduce the man hours servicing the well. 

Designed for convenience and safety, the Model 9P Soap Stick Launcher is our low profile unit measuring only 32″ tall – the shortest Launcher on the market! With a capacity of nine 1-1/4″ diameter soap sticks, the Model 9P can be programmed to drop 1 to 4 soap sticks per cycle.

When a flowing gas well requires additional surfactant to maintain maximum production, the Model 18P is the unit of choice! Measuring only 15″ taller than its little brother, the Model 18P offers a capacity of eighteen 1-1/4″ diameter sticks and is programmable to drop 2, 4, 6, or 8 sticks in one cycle.

Pro-Seal Lift Systems’ Model 9P and 18P automatic Soap Stick Launchers also provide the following important benefits:

  • All Models incorporate polyurethane insulation to protect and preserve the integrity of the on-board soap sticks.

  • Both Models operate on available 30-45 PSI supply gas.

  • Either Model can close and open a Motor Valve in the flow line when the well produces an excess of water or when the well is weak and requires a pressure/volume build period.

  • All Models are available for 2″ NPT, 2-3/8″, or 2-7/8″ wellheads. We also offer low-profile adapters for 2″ NPT through 4-1/2″-8 rnd.

Soap Stick Launcher Basic Operational Functions:

  • Telemetry: Soap sticks can be dropped from an RTU command and the operation of the flow-control valve can be initiated by the RTU or the Launcher Controller, your choice.

  • Motor Valve: A motor valve is ideal for wells that benefit from a shut-in period. Combining stop-cocking with a soap stick is the solution for de-watering up to 200 barrels of liquid per day.

  • Max. Flow: The automatic Soap Stick Launcher can operate without a shut-in period by dropping a soap stick on the fly allowing the well to flow continuously.

  • Casing Pressure: A rise in casing pressure indicates fluid loading in the tubing. A transducer or Murphy Switch on the casing side can initiate a stick-drop into the tubing when the casing pressure reaches a pre-set value.

  • Tank Option: For a weaker well, the automatic Soap Stick Launcher can drop a stick against the flow, wait 30-45 minutes, then re-direct the sales line to the Tank. The reduction in back pressure will allow the fluid slug to reach the surface.

  • Controller: The Solar Powered microprocessor features a continuous digital readout indicating the quantity of soap sticks in the Launcher as well as the time remaining until the next scheduled drop.

  • Deactivation: The Controller of the automatic Soap Stick Launcher can be disabled or deactivated indefinitely with a simple one button push without loss of the time settings previously programmed. This is a feature particularly helpful in fields that share a compressor with a nearby well on Plunger Lift.